6 Benefits Of Wheeled Computer Carts For Hospitals Jun 18, 2021

The way hospitals provide medical care is changing. However, each medical center must still meet the same special care standards.

One of the ways healthcare is changing is to record all patient records electronically, replacing old-fashioned filing cabinets and paper documents. This poses a unique question to the medical center: What is the most effective way to handle electronic health records? Although various solutions have been introduced, the most effective and efficient is the medical computer cart.

What makes computer carts such an effective and efficient solution in hospitals? They have six advantages and are one of your first choices.

Mobile Computer Carts
Mobile Patient Monitor Trolley

1. They are very flexible.

Mobile medical carts allow doctors, nurses and other qualified staff to "carry the office with them." Instead of relying on note-taking and memory to record information after seeing the patient, they can push their desk into the ward and record the information while talking with them or analyzing their test results.

It is this real-time flexibility and overall operational improvement that makes the hospital an easier and more convenient place for staff or patients. For employees who have already dealt with several important tasks at the same time, the pressure is much less.

2. They are effective.

In an outdated setting, the healthcare provider enters the patient's room, talks to the patient, and then retreats to the office or fixed lobby computer to record information. Sometimes, data entry occurs 10 minutes or more after seeing the patient. From a time perspective, this is not only inefficient, but also prone to errors.

By using a medical workstation on wheels:

Doctor-patient interaction has been strengthened

Appointments and hospital stays are usually shorter

Hospitals can solve patient problems faster

In an environment where time equals money, mobile computer carts can significantly increase the return on investment.

3. There are additional availability.

Computer carts usually go beyond simple computers on rolling desks. Think of them as more like mature mobile medical vehicles.

Staff can integrate several additional components into their computer carts to further improve and simplify patient care. Some of the additional components that may be provided by the medical vehicle you purchase include:

Ultrasound equipment

Equipment for checking vital signs

Blood drawing tool

4. Improve confidentiality.

In addition to promoting a leaner hospital environment, medical carts also enhance patient confidentiality. Entering data in a ward is much more private than entering data in a lobby or shared office.

Those who want to further protect their privacy can buy a medical cart with a lock that saves patient data behind a keyboard or other mechanism. Mobile computer workstations can even be customized through cutting-edge password protection such as fingerprint recognition, so patients can rest assured that their sensitive information will not be passed on at will.

5. They provide enhanced medical ergonomics.

Your employees will also like to move the computer cart. In addition to improving work efficiency and performing daily tasks, the cart is also a major upgrade in ergonomics. Research estimates that compared with height-adjustable desks, non-adjustable desks cause approximately twice the health problems among employees.

An adjustable keyboard tray mechanism and an adjustable table top height are the characteristics of any good medical cart mechanism. Compared to entering data into a wall-mounted computer or office computer, a little flexibility is an easy way to improve ergonomics in the workplace.

6. They are better than what you see on TV.

You may have watched an emergency room drama, and all the doctors are walking around with iPads or other tablets. Although they are popular in the medical industry, they are far from effective. Typing on a handheld computer is awkward, and typing in such a fast-paced environment takes too long.

In addition, on a technical level, tablets cannot physically keep up with the pressure of work. They have limited battery life and are not as sensitive as the keyboard on a computer cart for data input. Although tablets are light and portable, they lack the efficiency and technical capabilities to complete the work.

Healthcare has changed, and your customers' expectations have not. Adding a wheeled computer cart to your healthcare environment is not only a huge victory for patients, but also for hospital caregivers.

Remember that different medical vehicle vendors provide different functions. Shenzhen Xinqiao Automation Co., Ltd. can customize the most flexible mobile medical cart solution according to your needs, please contact us immediately.

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