7 advantages of medical computer cart solutions in the field of healthcare Oct 15, 2021

As patient care becomes more and more complex, healthcare organizations are using advances in computer technology to improve their service provision. For this reason, the medical computer cart solution has been widely adopted in the entire healthcare field. There are many benefits to consider.

1. Enhance workflow and productivity

Mobile computer carts ensure that doctors and nurses can access all relevant information at the patient's bedside. Likewise, all information can be uploaded during inspection and shared with the central computer. Not only can healthcare professionals make better decisions, but management time is also significantly reduced.

2. Fewer errors in patient information

When patient information is recorded in the electronic medical record at the bedside, the chance of error is reduced. Sometimes, the information is illegible on paper, and then re-entered by mistake on the computer.

If the patient data is incorrect, you may lose your life. Strategically placing medical carts around buildings can greatly improve record keeping.

3. Help prevent the spread of infection

Stationary workstations are usually the focus of point-of-care tasks. Before making a treatment decision, doctors and nurses may gather there to discuss the patient. However, this may be the center of the infection, which can then spread around the building.

The wheeled workstation can be equipped with hardware, which will be cleaned and disinfected before each use. Patients will also be more confident when they see that the equipment has been disinfected before being used for treatment.

4. The laboratory is linked to the staff on the floor

Healthcare professionals need to make decisions based on a wide range of information. Their own assessment is only one aspect.

Laboratory work is essential for the correct evaluation of patients. However, laboratories are often located in a different location from the main healthcare building. Even if you send the results via e-mail, you can only send the results to the administrative assistant.

The mobile computer cart enables the laboratory to send the results directly to the patient file. Professionals at the bedside will receive real-time updates and can immediately evaluate the information. This speed of delivery can save lives.

5. Patient convenience

Workstations can be equipped with various technologies, from barcode scanners to medication drawers that can be automatically locked or unlocked. This can improve the patient experience. Instead of waiting for the nurse to retrieve it from the central location, they took it directly from the cart.

It is now possible to order directly from the medical cart instead of writing out a prescription. The doctor then informs the patient that when they arrive at the pharmacy, they will be waiting at the pharmacy.

This is effective because the pharmacy can quickly notify the healthcare professional if the prescription is not received. In addition, patients may prefer not to wait for the prescription to be filled out.

6. Increase patient participation

Patients who feel that they participate in their own healthcare will have a better experience. Instead of thinking that the decision is made for them, it is better to make them feel like they are involved in the process.

Diagrams with illegible text are difficult to share with patients. However, the mobile medical vehicle has a well-designed light-emitting screen that allows patients to see their information clearly. Healthcare professionals can explain in detail the meaning of the information and build relationships with patients.

Computers with access to educational videos and graphics about diseases are particularly useful for informing patients about their condition and the treatment steps they will take. Doctors and nurses can use this opportunity to help patients imagine what their diagnosis or injury means, especially if it is internal.

Educational opportunities like this can help patients ask questions more easily and participate in their healthcare decisions.

7. Reduce costs

Paperless is a way for this technology to reduce the cost of medical institutions. In large organizations, the cost of less paper, stationery, and postage can be significant.

However, mobile shopping carts also improve efficiency, because professionals have less time waiting for information and can make decisions faster. With better information, unnecessary tests can be reduced, thereby saving the cost of medical institutions and patients.

Medical Computer Cart Solution
Mobile Computer Carts

Final thoughts

Advances in technology are changing the way medical services are provided. It can be said that the healthcare industry is undergoing a revolution, which will benefit professionals and patients.

Mobile medical carts have not only changed the way healthcare professionals treat patients, but also the way they interact with patients. Contact Shenzhen Xinqiao Automation Co., Ltd. to learn more about how our medical carts can help simplify your medical facility.

Advances in technology are transforming the way medical care is delivered. The healthcare industry is arguably going through a revolution, one which will benefit professionals and patients.

Mobile medical carts are changing not only the way healthcare professionals treat patients, but also their interaction with them. Contact Scott-Clark Medical for more information about how our medical carts can help streamline your medical facility.

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