How to choose the right types of medical carts Dec 10, 2021
Types of surgical medical trolley carts to consider

All types of professions are required to make the healthcare team function effectively. The same goes for your medical trolley cart. A dedicated cart for each task can help employees perform their job functions quickly and efficiently.

When buying a program cart, you have many options. You should consider the needs of employees and their specific job functions. Well-equipped procedural medical carts can help your employees work with maximum efficiency.


Ambulances are used in medical emergencies to ensure that items are safe and can be quickly accessed. In addition to the emergency room, these carts are also needed. Many medical institutions have placed multiple ambulances in strategic locations to ensure rapid response to emergencies.

There should be a large work area on top of the ambulance, because medical emergencies rarely occur in convenient places. They have multiple drawers for storing medical supplies needed for resuscitation work. These carts can be designed for pediatric or adult specific emergency situations.

When considering a procedural crash car, safety is an important feature. Some carts provide the ability to attach an external lock, which can be easily disconnected in an emergency. Other emergency nursing trolley carts may be equipped with automatic locking drawers that require a password or biometric data to be unlocked. Consider the workflow of your facility to determine which security options are best for you.

Isolation cart

When a highly infectious disease poses a risk to the patient's healthcare team, patient care can be challenging. Medical isolation carts reduce the risk of infection by providing necessary supplies in an easy-to-clean cart. They can be made of antimicrobial polymers or stainless steel.
The isolation cart has multiple drawers to store the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) so that healthcare providers can easily take the necessary infection control steps. When everything is stored in one place, healthcare organizations can reduce the chance of human error forgetting the steps to break the chain of infection. They also have special waste disposal containers to seal used PPE.
Since the isolation cart must be stored in or near the ward, a space-saving design is important. You want an isolation cart that can meet your protective equipment storage needs without looking bulky. Minimizing drawers and accessories helps to clean easily and helps reduce the chance of contamination of the trolley.

Anesthesia cart

The design of these carts takes into account the highly specialized needs of anesthesiologists. They can be used in any environment where sedation procedures are performed, including surgical centers and dentists' offices. Mobile anesthesia carts allow anesthesiologists to take their equipment to multiple operating rooms.
The safety function on the anesthesia cart is very important because many drugs used for sedation have been stolen and abused. The dual-lock medication drawer and IV stand attachment help anesthesiologists perform their work efficiently and safely. Tissue is vital to the anesthesia cart. Multiple drawers with customizable dividers allow your organization to personalize the cart according to your system workflow.

Surgical medical trolley cart

Medication workstation
A mobile medical workstation helps healthcare providers provide effective and efficient services. Depending on the workflow of each department, they can be configured to include additional drawer or cabinet space. The medical workstation cart is integrated with computer peripherals such as barcode scanners and printers, simplifying the nursing tasks of nurses and other providers.

Mobile medication workstations improve the interaction between patients and nurses. Many times, patients will get medications as needed. When nurses enter the room to check on patients, they may ask for these drugs. By providing commonly used medications in mobile workstations, nurses can save time and effort because they already have the medications they need in the room.

The workflow of each department dictates the specific requirements of their ideal drug workstation. Customizable medical carts can adapt to changes in future workflows. The medicine drawer can be safely locked with a keypad lock or an external lock. The cabinet can be used to store any logs needed for inventory management and medication management supplies. As the facility grows, components can be exchanged or replaced to increase efficiency.

Bloodletting cart

Laboratory technicians and blood collection personnel need convenient access to special equipment. Collection bottles, venous access equipment, and various needles need to be stored in an organized manner to prevent errors. A mobile cart with drawers and a smooth workbench allow these important medical team members to easily use all tools. The locker allows gloves and alcohol swabs to be available for the next patient's blood draw at any time. These carts can easily enter the ward with minimal disturbance to the patient.

Customized medical cart testing guide
Since blood collectors specialize in blood collection, the ability to safely store medical waste containers is essential to any well-equipped blood collection cart. Drawers with transparent trash cans can help blood draw personnel to quickly find the equipment and accessories they need, thereby reducing the time spent in each laboratory lottery draw.

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The correct professional procedure medical trolley cart can increase productivity and reduce the pressure on medical staff. Many facilities can reduce overhead and improve results when introducing procedural medical carts into their workflows.

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