Importance and necessity of disinfection of medical computer carts Nov 09, 2021

The medical computer cart is a necessary medical device in every hospital, and it is also a medical device that doctors and nurses use frequently every day, but how to disinfect the computer cart is also a more important issue. So far, the most common and effective way to clean wheeled medical computer carts is to use disposable medical grade disinfection wipes. These are common and widely used in hospitals in the United States and most other countries/regions.

These wipes usually have a bactericidal effect, and most brands contain some chemical ingredients that can fight viruses, fungi and parasites. Almost all types of antibacterial cleaning wipes must be used with medical gloves suitable for this particular product.

The specific details of which product is used for which laptop cart will be specified by the infection prevention and control department of each facility or by site-specific guidelines for ongoing outbreaks (if such outbreaks should occur).

For best results, first, remove any coarse debris or spills from the workstation. Then, wipe each medical computer cart with appropriate medical-grade wipes and let them dry thoroughly before using them again. This prevents cross-contamination between the room and the user, and prevents the spread of microorganisms when the user moves between the patient and the workstation in the medical environment. These medical-grade wipes can even be used on casters, which helps the movement of medical computer carts.

You can also use towels or reusable towels and disinfectant and anti-infective cleaning solutions. However, this all-in-one option is generally no longer cost-effective, and repeated use of cloth may increase the spread of bacteria and microorganisms.

Maintain the health of patients, families, and employees

No matter where you work in the hospital, taking appropriate measures to reduce the risk of disease vector transmission means better patient care. It can also reduce prevalence and cause absenteeism of medical staff.

When any medical institution chooses or purchases high-quality medical monitor trolley, it also needs to consider and equip with appropriate cleaning supplies and disinfect them. This is also an important investment in the health of everyone in the hospital environment and facility infrastructure.

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