Mobile medical trolley-Rapid implementation of first aid and treatment Sep 24, 2021

How to transport hospital supplies from one area to another quickly and efficiently sounds simple, but the actual operation is very difficult and challenging. For example, the patient in room 2 may be sick, but the medical trolley is in Room 4? How to solve this problem efficiently?

These problems are solved by placing movable, ergonomically designed special trolleys throughout the facility. Whether it is for cardiac emergency, emergency room surgery, isolation wing supplies or anesthesia kits, the fully movable cart with casters is specially designed for every place in the hospital, providing medical staff with the tools they need and providing patients with the best A lifeguard of value; rapid implementation of first aid and treatment.

For example, a secure narcotics cabinet can prevent the theft of Class A drugs and ensure that only authorized personnel can distribute them. In the single-lock and double-lock models, these lockers-with a No. 20 steel structure and unit key release-ensure that dangerous but important narcotics are always provided when necessary, and prevent medication errors. In addition, some models are small enough to be loaded on a portable cart for distribution.

The safety truck trolley or mobile medical trolley ensures that valuable equipment is safe and easy to access, and allows quick visual inspection to determine inventory. Stainless steel carts with or without guide rails can safely and efficiently transport everything from medical supplies to meals. Anti-fouling plastic carts provide materials for the MRI imaging kit and perform dual tasks elsewhere in the facility.

Medical trolley carts such as trolleys or trolleys make it easy to transport supplies, even the smallest person can move heavy objects, and can be folded flat for convenient storage. The two-layer chrome-plated wire basket cart provides ample space for medicine distribution, and the space of the three-sided wire basket cart is enough to quickly transport clean bedding all day long to the hospital floor.

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