Optimizing Nursing Staff's Professional Workstations for Optimal Patient Care Jan 17, 2022

Numerous studies have demonstrated that nursing staff's satisfaction with their professional work contributes significantly to patient well-being. If caregivers can thrive in an environment that allows them to thrive, patients themselves will have a better chance of being satisfied with their care. By promoting a healthy work environment, nurses are happier, healthier, and better able to connect with patients. This realization has a direct impact on the performance of health services, namely:

  • Reduce injury and error rates
  • Nosocomial infections drop
  • shorter hospital stay
  • and more.

Let's take a closer look at measures to promote caregiver well-being and promote a positive patient experience. Improving the physical and mental health of nurses can help with their retention, efficient workflow, and more.

Workstations designed for efficient documentation

The Care Triangle Hospital and Clinic is a fast-paced environment with very busy nursing staff. This mental and physical burden often leads to fatigue and delays in documentation. More than 72% of caregivers report staying after completing data entry.

Ergonomic workstations that are easy to use and fit for every caregiver make documentation tasks more comfortable and efficient. If nurses and doctors feel better and have the right tools for documentation, they will be able to spend more time with patients.

Medical Mobile Workstations

Reliable power system

Power For busy caregivers, every moment counts. Throughout the workday, they must manage and predict the battery life of laptops, tablets and other devices, many of which are critical to delivering patient care.

Intuitive power solutions are critical to reducing workflow issues associated with restarting critical medical equipment or EHRs that often impact care delivery. Proactively monitoring battery life across the healthcare sector can help increase device uptime and keep things running smoothly.

The material at hand

According to recent research, nurses spend 25% of their time walking in hospitals. Proper planning and equipment, combined with the workflow improvements mentioned above, can help them get to the ward faster and with the right equipment.

Mobile workstations include basic daily tools, medicines, etc. and allow multiple tasks to be combined into one workstation to save time and effort.

Our health systems today face unprecedented challenges. With 63% of nurses reporting burnout, healthcare leaders have a responsibility to invest in specialized medical mobile workstations to improve their workflow and intuitive devices that facilitate quality care delivery. These approaches will guarantee optimal patient care as well as nursing staff fulfillment and retention.

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