The advantages of a powerful mobile computer cart solution Aug 01, 2021

In today's warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants, in order to remain competitive, tasks must be executed quickly and efficiently. People are always trying to improve performance, looking for better ways to do more with less money, and to provide employees with the right tools for success.

In the past ten years, the spread of mobile technology has been very rapid. From retail to healthcare and anywhere in between. The main goal is to increase productivity and efficiency by giving employees immediate access to the equipment and information they need, and limiting the travel time from the point of work to their workstation. It can also achieve more effective internal and external communication, and increase the opportunity to provide customers with an unparalleled service experience. From a technical point of view, industry leaders are carefully developing and improving hardware and software suitable for mobile devices to replace and simplify processes that slow down employee work speed and affect data accuracy.

Mobile technology in today's warehouse

wireless network

– Wireless barcode scanning equipment

– Mobile computer

– On-board computer

– Voice commands

About Power Mobile Computer Cart

Although trolleys have always been key equipment in any warehouse or manufacturing plant, the innovation of powered mobile trolleys (also known as powered workstations) has raised the standard of operational efficiency for truly mobile workforces. Mobile computer workstation allow workers to access their WMS systems, ERP and other network applications anytime, anywhere; and give them the ability to perform daily transactions without limiting their capabilities or affecting accuracy.

How does this work

A typical active mobile workstation in a warehouse can be transported and power a PC or laptop connected to a wireless network. Connected to the computer may be industrial barcode label printers and handheld barcode scanners. The printer is connected to the computer via a USB connection, and if the operating range needs to be extended from the cart position, the barcode scanning device can be connected via a USB connection (the maximum length of the USB cable is 12 feet) or a wireless Bluetooth connection.

A typical battery-powered mobile cart can run for 8-12 hours under normal use, and is usually designed to accommodate up to 4 pieces of hardware (printers, scanners, laptops, etc.), and space for tasks-related items is good.

Other advantages of powered mobile carts

– Improve worker safety and ergonomics

– Provide special accessories (ie brackets, brackets, shelves)

– Designed to roll on the narrowest warehouse aisles

-Reduce the pace of workers

Having mobile computers, printers, and scanner stations can save operators a lot of time moving back and forth between the warehouse and fixed workstations. It also improves quality and accuracy by scanning and printing at the source, such as on-demand printing applications.

As one user who uses electric mobile carts wrote, "Thank you very much for introducing us to the electric mobile cart options. These carts are a blessing; they not only save time and improve efficiency for my operators, but also Easy to maintain. Battery life and charge management are also very simple..."

If you have been looking for ways to increase warehouse productivity and are considering mobilizing your labor force, please consider using a dedicated powered mobile cart.

NBRIDGE is a professional manufacturer of mobile computer carts and a reliable partner for your preferred carts.

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