The benefits of hospital computer carts in healthcare Nov 28, 2021

There are many benefits to using hospital computer carts in healthcare. From improving patient safety to enhancing employee workflow, wheel computers are revolutionizing medical services.

Although the ultimate beneficiaries are patients, your medical team can achieve higher job satisfaction, and medical institutions can increase profitability by investing in mobile computer carts.

If you are considering investing in one or more medical computer carts, it is worth considering these benefits.

Improve information access

The doctor does not need to return to the central management area to access the desktop or wall-mounted computer. Using a computer cart on wheels, they can move from room to room and access real-time patient information at the point of care.

When the doctor is in the ward, colleagues can add test results or scanned images to the patient's electronic medical record. Using a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, medical professionals can immediately view updated data, which is essential to implement an appropriate treatment plan as soon as possible.

Infection Control Procedures

When employees gather in a space, such as a central computer area or equipment storage room, the risk of infection transfer increases. However, the doctor can load all the materials needed to complete the shift on the wheeled workstation without having to return to the busy area.

Healthcare organizations pay attention to infection control. By placing disinfectant wipes and sprays on the mobile computer cart, medical professionals can perform hygiene procedures before reaching the point of care.

Improve patient confidentiality

An important aspect of patient care is the protection of patient data. Although using a computer is safer than writing notes with paper files, this method can also reduce costs.

Since doctors can comment on patients' health care plans on a centrally linked database, administrators do not need to enter notes in paper documents later.

Medical institutions can issue passwords for employees to access various security levels, so that each employee can only see the information that they are authorized to view. Since the computer system can record which employee accessed which patient's file, there is an audit trail in case of a data breach.

Improve patient communication

It can be challenging for patients to remember complex medical information, especially when they are stressed or worried. At NBRIDGE, we provide mobile laptop carts with height adjustment, allowing doctors to lower the computer screen to the height of the patient's eyeliner.

Because the doctor can sit on the chair next to the survivor, this can help the patient feel that the conversation is a consultation, rather than a medical professional telling them what will happen.

The medical cart can also save time, instead of repeating information that is difficult for patients to remember. Doctors can use the printer on the device to publish materials that patients can view later.

NBRIDGE has many years of experience in providing high-quality hospital computer carts to the medical community. We provide end-to-end service, starting from the initial consultation, transporting the trolley to your premises, and ensuring that your equipment is kept in good condition through a complete service package. Please contact us now for more information.

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